Joe's Story and Passion

The video directly below aired on ABC Family's 700 Club.  It is a 6 minute video that describes Joe's abusive and dysfunctional childhood, and focuses on the transforming power of a born-again life through Christ.

The above video is the basis for Joe's book "Urgent: Igniting a Passion for Jesus" and is the essence and core of his Youth Evangelist ministry.  Christ is King - Not a Mascot. 

Verbally and sexually abused by his quick-tempered-alcoholic father, his childhood was filled with loneliness, hurt, and lots of covering up.


He witnessed his father rape his mom, went through the hurt of his parents divorce, lived in a YWCA shelter, and spent three months in a psychiatric hospital.


In 1991, at the age of eighteen, Joe trusted Jesus Christ to be his Lord and Savior.   Joe Donahue is a dynamic Youth Evangelist who can relate with today's hurting generation and committed to VERBALLY communicate the Gospel and give students an opportunity to be saved.