Love the Past. Love the Present. Love the Future.

So many people poured out support and prayers for us during our time in the wilderness. Strangers, friends, and people I never expected spent a season of their life calling out to the Lord on our behalf. Kristy and I cannot communicate how blessed we felt. While the rain fell, we were sheltered through prayers and encouragement. I hope the LORD demonstrates great mercy and kindness to all of you in unexpected ways.

The LORD has brought us to an incredible loving church to serve. A church that needs what we can bring to them: Love, Leadership, and Life together. First Lavaca is a church with "change" in it's DNA. Since its visionary birth as "Oak Bower Baptist Church" during the Civil War, First Lavaca has changed their name, changed location, built buildings (and buildings and buildings.) First Lavaca is not what you might expect in a town of 2,200. They are a church accustomed to moving forward, progress, adjusting to meet the needs of the community and following the vision of the Pastoral leadership. They love Jesus and they want to reach the unsaved in our community and around the world. Finally, they love their Pastor and Pastor's family. We are in an imperfect church, who loves an imperfect Pastor and family.

That is called Grace.

Worship at Lavaca.jpg

First Lavaca Family, we love you. We are continuing the legacy of transition. We must continue to move forward and carry the good news and truth of Jesus Christ into our community and region. It is only by constantly creating and consistently evaluating ministries and methods that we do our part in protecting the future of the church in 25, 50, or 100 years from now. If we continue to build upon the legacy of transition and change in our DNA, we partner with those who will be leading our church in 25 years. We set them up for success. We lead them now and teach them through our example. We love our future community and future church by not budging on the Word of God, fulfilling the Great Commission and Great Commandment and contantly checking and creating our methods and ministries. Let's set the future up for great success!

Love the Past. Love the Present. Love the Future.

Pastor Joe

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