"The way that God is using Joe Donahue is simply stunning. Joe is living proof of the redeeming power of Jesus to take even what the enemy means for evil and turn it for our good, and for his glory." ​ - Aaron Keyes, Worship Pastor and Musical Artist, Atlanta GA.

​​"Joe was used by God in a mighty way to effectively share the gospel with several thousand students at our regional event.  He connected with our young people, and they responded!"  ​- Doug Watson, SW Missouri's Regional Network Coordinator, Springfield MO.​

“Whether in Georgia or with us in the barrios of Los Angeles, Joe Donahue will challenge and encourage your church. The cross is the focus. The gospel is clear and God is glorified. I recommend bringing in Joe to offer words of life and encouragement to the hurting, hardened or hopeless in your community.”​ - Michael Kell, Student Pastor, Liberty Church, Moreno Valley, CA​


"Joe Donahue is the real deal. You only have to look at his youth ministry to see that he is an effective communicator, with a love for students and a heart for evangelism. We have used Joe at our YEC/Move conference of 6,000 students and he did a great job!"  ​- Doug Couch - Georgia Baptist Convention - Youth Ministry Specialist


"Joe is a dynamic speaker with a passion to spread Christ's love and forgiveness to people.  Joe's story of growing up in a dysfunctional broken home is easy to relate to many youth today who are looking for more honesty rather than textbook sermons.  Joe knows the scriptures and comes prepared with the expectation of sharing life changing truth." ​- Kevin Hale, Construction Coordinator, World Changers, Nashville TN.

“Joe is a gifted communicator who lives what he preaches. His intense testimony allows him to connect with students from many backgrounds.  He presents the Truth clearly and holds firmly to the Word of God. He is a man of great character and I believe you'll find he is the same way off the stage as he is on it.” - Scott Odom, Minister to Students, Calvary Baptist Church, Beaumont TX.​

“After more than 23 years in youth ministry, I am amazed at how parents and youth leaders can be paralyzed by the often extreme crises that hammer teenagers today.  Parents and teenagers need proven resources that can equip and encourage them to care for teenagers.  God has gifted the church with leaders who have the ability to speak with wisdom and confidence like the Issachrites who understood the times and knew what God's people should do in response. (I Chronicles 12:32).  Joe Donahue is one of these leaders.  God has taken his life experience and used it to bring encouragement to parents and youth ministry leaders who care for teenagers and children who have experienced abuse on various levels.  Every parent and youth ministry leader needs to hear his story.  He is uniquely tooled to serve hurting young people and challenges parents and leaders to genuinely care for them while pointing them to the cross of Christ." - Troy Temple, Ph.D.  The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY.

Every shortfall in the American church can be traced back to the caricature we have made of Jesus. But the sovereign Father has a plan. He is rising up certain leaders to place before the church a biblical view of His majestic Son—who sits enthroned as the King of Glory. Joe Donahue is one of those people. Like the double helix of the DNA molecule, he creatively weaves together riveting personal experiences and Bible exposition. Pardon the cliché, but from the first paragraph I could not put the book down. I strongly recommend it." ​ - Richard Ross, PhD., Southwestern Seminary​


"Joe has written a book that is both theologically profound, and emotionally pulsating.  Theology with a heartbeat. We desperately need more men like Augustine and Joe Donahue, who are willing to expose their wounds so others can find the healing power of Jesus." ​ - Ergun Caner, D.Theol., VP of Academic Affairs, Arlington Baptist College, Arlington TX