Joe Donahue is the Co-Lead Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Joe has served in full-time ministry since 1998. He is a husband, a daddy to four amazing girls, a pastor, & an evangelist.  As an evangelist, Joe weaves the tragedy of his childhood with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Full of energy, genuineness, and enthusiasm, Joe connects with crowds through his transparency and love for His Savior. ​​​


Joe has been a guest lecturer at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky.  He has spoken at the Youth Evangelism Conference for the Georgia Baptist Convention. He has been featured on the 700 Club Interactive, worked with the ​National Youth Workers Convention, led associational training for volunteers and youth pastors, and desires to help pastors and volunteers connect with today's hurting generation. ​​



youth evangelist Joe Donahue sharing the Gospel.

Not only will Joe bring an evangelistic evening to your church or ministry, he will also lead training for your volunteers and workers that cannot be found anywhere else.  Joe brings a unique perspective on ministering to hurting people...

Verbally and sexually abused by his quick-tempered alcoholic father, his childhood was filled with loneliness, hurt, and lots of covering up. He witnessed his father rape his mom, went through the hurt of his parent's divorce, lived in a YWCA shelter, and spent three months in a psychiatric hospital. In 1991, at the age of eighteen, Joe trusted Jesus Christ to be his Lord and Savior.